A history of 101 High Street in Odiham

La Creperie in Odiham

La Creperie in Odiham building at 101 High Street has been at the heart of the historic town of Odiham for hundreds of years.  In medieval times Odiham was a Royal Hunting Manor and King John built Odiham Castle around 1207 – 1214.

In the 1800’s and 1900’s the High Street bustled with people buying all sorts of goods.  In the 1830’s numbers 99 and 101 High Street were part of the same property and Thomas Keep started a butchery business here.  It seems likely that the meat was prepared and sold next door at 99 High Street and this part of the building was the family living quarters.  The business was taken over by John Webb from around the 1840’s.  Census records show that the Webbs’s were a large family in 1841:


John Webb (41) Head of Household, Butcher.

Emma Webb (38) Alfred Webb (18) Thomas Webb (17) John Webb (11) William Webb (9) Mary Webb (5) Elizabeth Webb (3) Henry Webb (1)


The Monk family then ran business from the 1860’s until the 1950’s.

La Creperie in Odiham is a special building because much of the original timber frame has survived.  There is even some wattle and daub remaining within the walls.  Look to the right of the front door and you will see a wooden post.  It is likely that this supported a ‘jetty’, a protruding upper storey.  In the 1990’s a new roof was put on the building, exposing the original timbers that were dated to the 1400’s.

101 High Street in Odiham’s most recent incarnation is La Creperie in Odiham: a French Café serving great coffee and traditional French crepes and galettes.  Your lovely landlady is Alexandra, born in Mazamet, Southern France and always happy to converse with you in French.


For more information regarding Odiham and all of its historic value please visit http://www.inodiham.co.uk/or http://www.visitodiham.org.uk/

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